When Christmas is over…

…whatcha gonna do with that LIVE TREE?! I’m fortunate to live in Plano, Texas, a city that offers a recycling program not only for live trees, garlands & wreaths, but also for those holiday lights that no longer work (did bunnies chew your cords, too? ugh!)

Here is the info for our city’s 2018 recycling program:

Don’t miss the best holiday recycling opportunity of the year. Live Christmas trees, garland and wreaths can be recycled into Texas Pure Products mulch and compost. Take holiday lights to the electronics recycling program.

Remove all plastic, glass or metal before you take trees and greenery to the drop-off locations. This includes ornaments, lights, decorations, tinsel and the tree stand.

Visit one of these Plano locations to drop off your items between Wednesday, Dec. 26, 2018 and Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2019:

  • Jack Carter Park, 2601 Pleasant Valley, 75023 (south parking lot off Pleasant Valley)
  • Old Shepard Place Park, 1301 Winding Hollow Lane, 75093 (northeast corner of Shepton parking lot off Plano Parkway)
  • Russell Creek Park, 3500 McDermott Road, 75025 (northeast parking lot off McDermott)
  • Schell Park, 2305 Laurel Lane, 75074 (southeastern parking lot off Laurel)

Got more questions? Contact Environmental Waste Services Customer Service at 972-769-4150.

And, don’t forget allllll those boxes that gifts came in – preferably you can reuse them along with the gift bags. And, for pete’s sake…do NOT throw away all that tissue paper! Save it – red tissue paper works great for Valentine’s Day and green, silver or gold tissue paper for baby showers or birthdays…use that imagination of yours!

Does your fair city recycle specifically for the holidays, too? If so, give a shout out below!  If you’re not sure, send me a message and I’ll be happy to dig in & find out for you.

And, to all my environment-minded friends,

Wishing You & Yours the Merriest of Holidays and Cheeriest of New Years!



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