Healthy Eating = Healthy Environment


Now that it’s the beginning of the year I thought it apropos to combine our healthy eating goals with creating healthy environmental habits. Per Newsweek: “Saving the planet…might be a little easier than expected. It could be as simple as eating a healthier diet.” Here are some simple points to consider:

  • When able, purchase locally grown produce. This not only supports your community (Farmers need love, too!), it also saves energy in transporting produce.
  • Buy only what you will eat – stats show over 40% of the food in the USA goes to waste & ends up in landfills – that’s over 1.3 billion tons of food each year!
  • Eat less/better-quality meat. With all the benefits of protein, keep in mind that processed meat is still full of sodium & chemicals! Plus, industrial farming is a huge drain on our environment. Buy grass-fed beef or even better, start “Meatless Mondays”**, then add a more meatless meals to each week.
  • Double up on recipes – leftovers save energy & help you control the amount/type of food you eat. That healthy dinner can easily become tomorrow’s healthy lunch! (Be sure to use reusable containers & skip the plastic zipping bags!)
  • And, finally, limit your eating out. Seriously, we all know the damage the drive-thru can do to our waist. Add Styrofoam cups, take out bags, plastic coated paper wrappings, and my nemesis: the plastic straw and it just makes for an unhealthy habit all the way around!

**Share your meatless Monday recipes with us!

Click here to read all 35 “super easy ways to eat environmentally friendly”.

Let’s take control of our WAIST and our WASTE in 2018!

As always – whether you go to a grocery store or your local farmers market…



photo credit – Visit Dallas dot com


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