This post says it all…


As I sit here with my reusable, stainless steel water glass and bamboo straw (, I’m also noticing that I have these convenient little “to-go” size supplements & snack bars – which, of course, are in plastic bags.

I have become soooo conscience at the store lately (to my family’s dismay) with pointing out little ways for us to NOT buy something because it’s in plastic. Such as the big bag of oranges, which are priced MUCH better in the plastic, non-recyclable bag than they are when I purchase them one-by-one & use my produce bag. But, it’s always in the back of my mind as to how many little pieces of plastic I’m still contributing to our landfills.

Then, I come across this great article & I realize: I don’t even need to finish this blog because it’s All. Right. Here.


Please share with me any (or all) tips that you learn from this article. I’m enjoying our journey together!


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