Lunchtime – make it sustainable, too


Something as simple as changing how you have lunch 3-4 times per week can make a huge impact on our planet. “According to RecycleWorks, a program of San Mateo County, disposal lunches can generate between 4-8 ounces of garbage every day, totaling up to nearly 100 pounds of waste per year – and that’s just for one person!”

This article has several ideas on how to move to a more sustainable lunch:

Not only does bringing your lunch help the planet but think what it might do for your waistline AND wallet!

If you want to “kick it up a notch” – try using veggies & fruits that are seasonal – they taste better, provide a higher level of nutrients and, you guessed it, are easier on the environment! Plus, it’s easier to buy from local farmers if you’re buying seasonal. Here’s a great resource for what’s in season (northern hemisphere):

We can each make a difference.

What will YOU do this week to be the ONE?!

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