One Planet – No do-over


It’s happening – I’m writing. Boy, it’s taken a long time for me to get here. I procrastinate. I don’t just put off until tomorrow, I mean I’ve been building to this very moment for months! I’ve read & listened to so many great, inspiring “doers”, but kept putting off my own “doing”. I’ve been one of those that uses the excuse of “planning” when it’s actually just fear. Or laziness. Let’s be honest: fear & lazy can be interchangable sometimes.

But it’s time. My time to start. But…where? Where do I start?

I have so much I want to share about my concerns and my hope for our environment. So many ideas & suggestions of changes we all can make to better our surroundings & become better stewards to this one planet we have. One planet. The sound of that frightens me a bit. Maybe because I just watched the movie “Interstellar” and as much as I know it is fiction, there’s that little scared child inside of me that says, “it could happen…you better play it safe!”

Sitting here on January 12, 12 days into a brand new year, I’m reminded about “do-overs”. (That word, “do-over” always makes me think of a scene from the movie, “City Slickers”, where a guy is freaking out about getting a divorce & his buddies are telling him his life is now a “do-over”…but I digress!). Each year we get to start fresh with all new resolutions. And, then, each month, we pay rent or mortgage, car payments & bills and we get to have a whole month to enjoy that do-over. Each week we get to start fresh at work or school & make this our “best week ever”. And, each day – yep, the most amazing do-over – we wake up & start our new day. We get to say, “Here I come world – ya didn’t take me this time!”

All these do-overs, and yet we only have One Planet. We have no do-over here. We do not get to leave this one behind because it’s all messed up & just go develop a new planet. We don’t get to throw out this planet like it’s a Styrofoam McDonald’s cup, leaving it to sit, useless, poisoning the universe. Nope. This is it. So now what?

I have been summonsing the nerve to share, learn & inspire how we, as individuals, can come together as a collective and make changes to better our planet. And now the fear of stepping out of my comfort zone has been replaced by the desire to just do and say something!! So it starts here for me: a place to share, learn, inspire. I hope you’ll follow along, learn something, be inspired, share your ideas and thoughts. We just have one planet. And, the opportunity every day to do better, do more, and do-over.

Hugs & smooches,



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