At the prime age of 52, I decided it was time. Actually it was WAY past time. I’ve been discussing environmental awareness for years. Recycling. Reading. Attending events. Learning everything that my little brain could absorb. Sharing with my children, family, friends. Hopefully, inspiring; in some cases annoying, I’m sure.

Then, I realized I needed to go bigger. Louder. Further out into the world with my passions. Hence, you lucky devil,…I’m bloggin’. Not really even sure what I’m doing. All I know is that my passion for inspiring others to care more about their environment, to learn more about the changes they can make, has become greater than my fear of wordpress or my husband’s grammar patrol.

So, I’m jumping in, hoping to share what I learn, to inspire people of all ages. My desire is two fold:

  • to teach children about the little things they can do each day in hopes they latch onto the passion and desire to make changes, too, or at the very least turn off their running water when they brush their teeth!
  • to educate small to medium sized business owners about how they can make a difference in their communities and why it’s important to their bottom line.

I hope you enjoy what we share, that you learn something new and that you make a change for our planet.  After all, we only have this one. Let’s keep ‘er beautiful and strong!

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  1. Glenda A. says:

    I’m always learning from your suggestions. Looking forward to more.


  2. Hailey says:



    1. Karri says:

      Hi, my dear! Thank you for following. Love you, too! And, love watching your adventures.


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